About us

Pianoshell.co.uk was started by Cornel Oprea, a renowned pianist in London who has played on the Orient Express train, at Caffe Florian, Venice, The Hilton Park Lane, The Dorchester and more.
Cornel has played for guests as eminent as Sir Elton John, Nicole Kidman and Pierce Brosnan and many more as well as entertaining at hundreds of weddings all over the UK.
At weddings, Cornel realised how a piano shell can change the look of an ordinary digital piano or keyboard into something really extra special.
That's why he created pianoshell.co.uk - a network of great pianists who own piano shells who can not only play to a 5-star standard but can provide the piano shell to make your wedding or event outstanding.

What is a piano shell?

A piano shell is a gorgeous, elegant way of hiding a digital piano or keyboard to create the look of a real baby grand piano. Think glamour, elegance and classic style. This is a fantastic idea if you want the look of a real baby grand and - better yet - it's easily transportable to your venue or home or even outdoors without the weight and difficulty of transporting a real grand piano! At a glance, our piano shells look exactly like real grand pianos and it's impossible to tell a keyboard is hidden within! Piano shells transform a wedding, event or gathering into something glamorous and unforgettable.

Corporate Events

We can provide any music styles for your corporate event from discreet background music to showpieces to entertain crowds. Our pianists have played at some of the most eminent corporate events from Rolex to Xerox to ...

Piano Shell Hire

A piano shell is a beautiful way of covering a digital piano or keyboard with a gorgeous ‘shell’ that looks every inch a baby grand piano. Lightweight and easily transportable, our piano shells can fit into any venue or location – indoors or out!


See some of the venues where our pianists have played - from lavish 5 star hotels to country manors, to glorious gardens, imposing castles and even famous TV locations such as Highclere Castle.

Cornel Oprea – Professional Pianist

Pianist Cornel Oprea playing Misty, Stormy Weather, Yesterday, Ballade pour Adeline and Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu at a music academy concert hall.
Followed by performance at the famous Caffé Florian in Venice.